A personal opinion of stress and depression as a result of disobedience to islam

Eventually they let me go. But this potential ordeal turned out to be kind of a good thing, as it required me then to focus on actually reading a few articles I had left on a pile. I picked up one randomly, something I had printed some time back, and it started like this:

A personal opinion of stress and depression as a result of disobedience to islam

Struggling with my anxiety disorder : Christianity

Email shares Mental disorders in children are a growing concern in South Africa. The stresses of modern life, the demands to excel in school and at sport, divorce and exposure to violence all take their toll.

According to Lwanele Khasu, clinical psychologist at Ubuntu Family Health Centre, signs of depression, anxiety and stress are also seen in much younger children.

Not only are children under immense pressure to succeed at school and on the sports field, they are also exposed to high levels of violence, either directly or indirectly. They hear their parents talking about robberies in their neighbourhoods, they hear of people they know who have been hijacked, and they listen to news about murders and political issues.

A personal opinion of stress and depression as a result of disobedience to islam

They absorb this information and it can begin to weigh on them. Some may affect their developmental milestones, intellectual ability, motor skills, and psychological maturity. For example, depressed children will often show more irritability and aggression than depressed adults, who typically show sadness.

Restlessness and an inability to sit still to complete tasks Forgetfulness and losing items at school like a jersey or books Sudden demotivation with school work or lack of interest in playing with friends, even though they liked it before Unusual changes in behaviour or personality, such as fighting, bullying other kids or expressing thoughts of hurting others Disobedience in the home or at school Sudden fears, frights, or anxiety, which can also include an inability to sleep or eruption of nightmares Difficulty concentrating, which might lead to poor performance in school.

A sudden loss of appetite, frequent vomiting or use of laxatives, which could also indicate an eating disorder Physical symptoms such as headaches Self-injury and mutilation such as cutting or burning themselves Using drugs or alcohol to try to cope with their feelings.

Ask them if anything has happened to them that might be causing them to behave uncharacteristically. Remember children often find it difficult to open up to their parents, so it is important to be patient and supportive. Create opportunities to relax and have fun with your child, and praise their strengths and abilities.

You might find they are more willing to talk because they are more at ease in these contexts. More from Living and Loving.Stress – a feeling of being overwhelmed – is part of modern life at home, work, and school. It adds to anxiety. Workplace is a major source of mental stress and anxiety: deadlines, bosses, co-workers, fear of loosing the job, getting certifications and licenses, and worrying about liability, all contribute to it.

Jun 07,  · Depression CAN be the result of a spiritual problem, of sin in one’s life, and of disobedience to God, but it does not always follow it IS a spiritual problem just because you are a believer.

There are many factors that cause depression and usually there are more than one at work. This article does not deal with the factors of stress, anxiety, and depression, nor is it a clinical advice.

If you feel depressed, you are not alone. It has been estimated that 75 to 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians in America are . Anxiety and depression are not considered to be indicative of mental illness unless certain clinical criteria are met.

In fact, anxiety and depressed moods can often be useful emotional responses to difficult life circumstances. What Role Do Religion and Spirituality Play In Mental Health? Five questions for psychology of religion and spirituality expert Kenneth I.

Pargament, PhD.

A personal opinion of stress and depression as a result of disobedience to islam

Reporters/editors/producers note: The following feature was produced by the American Psychological Association. or serious diseases, disobedience of children towards their parents, hostility on the part of one’s wife or mistreatment on the part of one’s husband.

Some kinds of anxiety result from fears about what may lie ahead in the future, for.

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