An analysis of the narrative structure of the 1992 movie reservoir dogs

Rethinking And Revisiting The Reservoir Dogs Analysis As understanding grows, so too does the appreciation of a well-crafted and thoughtful narrative. Twenty-three years since the initial release of the Dramatica theory of story. Featuring a brand new 35mm print and followed by an extended QnA with not only director Quentin Tarantino and producer Lawrence Bender, but also Mr. Reaching for my phone quickly after, I dialed up the official Dramatica analysis of Reservoir Dogs to look over the story dynamics and deep narrative structure.

An analysis of the narrative structure of the 1992 movie reservoir dogs

His career got off to an incredible start when his feature debut Reservoir Dog s blew away the minds of the audience in the January of at the Sundance Film Festival and the film had received a similar response before too at the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals as well.

It is rare that a debut of a filmmaker gets so much attention, acclaim as well as a lot of controversies inspiring so much discussion. Reservoir Dogs was regarded as a classic and also a cult hit. A crime thriller film, Reservoir Dogs, is a film which portrays the events that take place before and after a botched diamond heist.

Tarantino and Edward Bunker, a criminal-turned-author have minor roles in the film. References to soundtracks and popular culture which usually contain score pieces and songs especially from the 60s till the 80s are often part of his films.

Quentin Tarantino kept on moving in his childhood. And when he dropped out of Norbonne High School in Los Angeles, he got himself enrolled in acting classes and learn the craft at the James Best Theatre Company, and it is there where he met several of those people which were to appear later, in his films.

The cast of Reservoir Dogs was praised and appreciated by many critics, and the film was well received generally. When Bender gave the script to his acting teacher, his wife handed it over to Harvey Keitel.

Reservoir Dogs: Breaking Down Quentin Tarantino’s Masterpiece

Keitel liked the script so much so that he signed as a co-producer so that Bender and Tarantino could have an easy task finding funding. The Story The storyline of Reservoir Dogs goes something like this: At a Los Angeles Diner, eight men are having breakfast before they head for a diamond heist.

An analysis of the narrative structure of the 1992 movie reservoir dogs

Six of the eight men use aliases of Mr. The other two are the mob boss Joe Cabot and his son, Eddie Cabot who commonly goes by Nice Guy Eddie, the masterminds that planned the heist which involved a Los Angeles Jewelry store. After escaping from the crime scene, White drives Orange to the rendezvous in a warehouse belonging to Joe.

Orange is bleeding profusely because of having been shot while they were fleeing from the crime scene. Pink arrives at the warehouse irritated as he believes the job was a setup and the future holds police for them. White informs him about the death of Brown and that Blonde and Blue are missing.

Blonde had murdered several civilians which infuriate Mr. White that his old friend could hire such a psychopath. Pink reveals that he has the diamonds hidden nearby but argues whether they should get medical attention for Orange or not. Then comes Blonde with a kidnapped policeman Marvin Nash and gets Pink and White to beat him up for information.

Nash denies knowing anything but Blonde keeps on torturing him and cuts off his ear with a straight razor. He does not stop at that and is about to set him on fire when Orange shoots him dead. Orange then tells Nash that he is an undercover police officer and the police shall be coming soon.

When Pink, Eddie and White return, Orange makes up a story and convinces them that Blonde wanted to kill them and steal the diamonds. Eddie accuses Orange of lying and kills Nash because Mr. Blonde was loyal to his father. Then comes Joe with the news that Mr.

Blue was killed by the police. All three shoot both the Cabots are killed leaving White and Orange are wounded. Pink takes the diamonds and flees the scene.

While White cradles Orange in his arms as he is close to death, Orange confesses that he is a police officer. White holds Orange at gunpoint and suddenly the police storms in the warehouse ordering White to drop his gun. A gunshot is heard, and White collapses. He says that he did not go out of the way to do a rip-off of The Killing, but he thinks of it as his Killing his take on heist kind of movies.

But Tarantino denies these plagiarisms and says that he does homages. Most of his movies have scenes from both classic and unknown movies alike.

The Use of Nonlinear Narrative in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Ficition

In Reservoir Dogs the characters are named after colors Mr. White, Pink, Blue, Brown, etc. Also some key elements similar to those found in Ringo Lam and City on Fire. Tarantino did not show the heist happening and though initially, the reason was budgetary, he was quite fond of the idea of not really revealing the heist and stuck with this, so that the details of the heist could be kept unclear.

According to Tarantino, this technique allows the viewer to see the film as other than just about the heist but other things too.The Reservoir Dogs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was the first soundtrack for a Quentin Tarantino film and set the structure his later soundtracks would follow.

This includes the extensive use of snippets of dialogue from the film. Reservoir Dogs, the start to Tarantino's booming career, was released Reservoir Dogs in which debut his career as a director.

Non-Linear narrative is a major technique in Reservoir Dogs. Though Tarantino did not invent this technique, he grasped the concept and has been praised by his use of it.

In Reservoir Dogs the characters are named after hues (Mr. White, Pink, Blue, Brown, and so forth.) was seen without precedent for The Taking of Pelham One Two Three ().

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Reservoir Dogs The film, Reservoir Dogs, was written and directed my Quentin Tarantino. The film is claimed to fame for the usage of violent crime, pop culture, intense profanity and a nonlinear storyline.

screenplay analysis of reservoir dogs/tarantino This 4 page paper analyzes the screenplay version of Tarantino's film, Reservoir Dogs. Analysis includes themes of masuclinity, narrative structure .

An analysis of the narrative structure of the 1992 movie reservoir dogs
Reservoir Dogs: Analysis