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This necessitates an investment in building the relationship outside of the traditional constraints of a performance-based contract.

Business plan template pptx extension

It is also the policy of the College that accusations of sexual harassment which are made without good cause shall not be condoned.

If an extraordinary conflict of interest would prevent use of the usual informal or formal review procedures, the complainant may request assistance directly from the Office of the President. Procedures All persons who believe that they have been subjected to prohibited sexual harassment are encouraged to report such conduct to appropriate College officials.

Persons who believe that they have been subjected to prohibited sexual harassment may seek either informal or formal College evaluation and response to their concerns.

business plan template pptx extension

However, in order for disciplinary action to be taken against a College employee, it may be necessary for a formal complaint to be filed, and that process may require the complainant to cooperate with College officials on a formal basis.

A detailed recitation of the procedures that will be followed in response to cases of alleged sexual harassment, as well as to other related issues, is as follows. Sexual harassment is unlawful and may subject those who engage in it to College disciplinary sanctions as well as civil and criminal penalties.

Sexual harassment is prohibited in the workplace and in the recruitment, appointment, and advancement of employees. Sexual harassment of students is prohibited in and out of the classroom and in the evaluation of student academic or work performance.

The College reserves the authority to independently deal with sexual harassment issues whenever they become aware of their existence, regardless of whether informal or formal complaints have been lodged by persons complaining of such issues.

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Members of the College community holding positions of authority involving the legitimate exercise of power over others have a particular responsibility to be sensitive to that power relationship.

Supervisors, in their relationships with students and subordinates, need to be aware of potential conflicts of interest and the possible compromise of their evaluative capacity. Because there is an inherent power difference in these relationships, the potential exists for the less powerful persons to perceive a coercive element in suggestions regarding activities outside those appropriate to the professional relationship.

It is the responsibility of staff to behave in such a manner that their words or actions cannot reasonably be perceived as sexually coercive, abusive, or exploitative.

The creation or condonation of hostile working environments will not be tolerated and employees at all levels are subject to potential disciplinary action if engaged in such actions. Definitions Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when: Examples It is not possible to exhaustively list all examples of conduct which can constitute sexual harassment.

The following list of examples of conduct prohibited by this policy statement is intended to aid in the understanding of this area.

Conduct prohibited by this policy statement may include, but is not limited to: Verbal Conduct Unwelcome sexual flirtation, advances or propositions for sexual activity. Discussing your own personal sexual fantasies, preferences, or history or repeatedly asking for a date from a person who is not interested may also constitute sexual harassment.

Stating, indicating, or implying in any manner that benefits will be gained or lost based on response to sexual advances, such conduct is sexual harassment and will result in severe administrative response. Non-Verbal Displaying sexually demeaning or offensive objects and pictures, nude or semi-nude photographs and drawings, or computer software is very likely to be viewed as sexual harassment.The Readiness Report Creator can scan for VBA macros in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Project, Visio, and Publisher files, for Office versions as far back as Office Dec 20,  · Free business plan PPT template is an asset to any organization.

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