Deconstructing a days wait

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Deconstructing a days wait

Additional evidence, which Guccifer 2. Virtually everything that has been claimed to Deconstructing a days wait Guccifer 2.

Considering that Guccifer 2. In fact, Guccifer 2.

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This used a C2 command and control IP address that, for the purposes of the APT group, had been inoperable for over a year. References to the evidence covering all of this are available in the article: This could be inferred from a number of things.

DCLeaks was re-registered on 19 Aprilhowever, what they published included Republicans and individuals that were not connected to the DNC. Why would Guccifer 2.

It also appears there may have been an effort to have people perceive Guccifer 2. It makes no sense that the GRU would have even used Guccifer 2. However, there is one interesting thing that does connect Podesta being phished with DCLeaks. As spotted by Stephen McIntyre — the syntax in the spearphishing emails for both Podesta and Rhinehart whose leaked emails were published at DCLeaks were identical.

So, in fairness, there is actually circumstantial evidence to suggest an overlap as Guccifer 2. Is there a reason for ambiguity when referencing WikiLeaks? On 6 JulyGuccifer 2. The persona made decisions that would leave behind a demonstrable trail of Russian-themed breadcrumbs, examples include: Tainting documents with Russian language metadata.

Going through considerable effort to ensure Russian language errors were in the first documents provided to the press. Probable use of a VM set to Russian timezone while manipulating documents so that datastore objects with timestamps implying a Russian timezone setting are saved in one of the documents, change tracking had been left on and recorded someone in a PDT timezone saving one of Guccifer 2.

The deliberate and inconsistent mangling of English language which was actually inconsistent with aspects of English language that Russians typically struggle with. How have these identities been connected to the respective GRU officers? This query applies to additional identities mentioned throughout the indictment.

Where have these pseudonyms been cited in any of the research or evidence published in the past two years? Most seem to be new and were never referenced by the firms specifically investigated the relevant phishing campaigns in the past. Unfortunately, the indictment itself provides no reference for us to ascertain what the individual attributions are based on.

How do we know for sure Morgachev was developing a version of it and that this is related to the DNC? We know that whoever had the Podesta emails had far more damaging content on Hillary than that produced by Guccifer 2.

DCLeaks featured leaks from those that were not involved in the US presidential election.

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Both of these are difficult to confirm or dispute due to lack of evidence cited. We lack domains, IP addresses and other information that would be useful to evaluate the veracity of these claims. The Trump opposition research released by Guccifer 2. How did this information fail to come to the surface in the past two years and again, is it backed by evidence or just allegation?

Deconstructing a days wait

In the past two years, this author has contacted CrowdStrike by email, phone and open-letterasking for information about whether the malware was shown to have accessed emails or relayed a large volume of data. The company never responded, never reported or provided incident specific evidence on public record previously.

Also, if these operations were intended to do what paragraph 9 asserts, releasing emails from Republicans would seem counter-productive to assumed intentions.Oct 05,  · With the S&P up points since last week’s low of , the worry about global growth and earnings has been given a breather in the last few days trading.

Last weeks low was about 12% below the May high (today’s close is at %). Last week, the vampire squid themselves lowered their S&P EPS.

The first piece of malware at the DNC identified by Crowdstrike as relating to “Fancy Bear,” was compiled on 25 April, This used a C2 (command and control) IP address that, for the purposes of the APT group, had been inoperable for over a year.

In her book, My Life to Live: How I Became the Queen of Soaps, Agnes Nixon talked about how she believed in the old vaudeville storytelling philosophy, “Make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait.”It’s a good philosophy.

We could use more ‘make them wait’ on “Days of our Lives” right now as we go into the end of Sweeps. musings on risk. With the S&P down 9% off its high this month after last week, the question everybody is asking is whether this is a buying opportunity or the beginning of a new phase in the market.

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