How to write a test case example

How to write good Test Cases Jan 26, Every tester writes test cases however many times the test cases are rejected by reviewers because of bad quality, in order to write good test cases one should know what are the characteristics of a good test case. A good test case has certain characteristics which are: Should be accurate and tests what it is intended to test.

How to write a test case example

November 25, Software Testing Templates Test Case writing is an integral task of every testing team. Be it automation or manual, every testing team creates test cases to map different client scenarios to the test cases.

how to write a test case example

Every test case contains details of the test, the expected output along with the various other components. This Test Case Writing sample template gives an idea of what all has to be documented while designing test case documents.

In this article, we would share with you a dummy test case template which you can use to create test cases on your own. To explain the different components in detail, we would create test cases for some basic functionalities of HelpingTesters.

Many testers find test case writing a tedious task. While creating the test cases the testing team must ensure that all the tests for a scenario are covered and all steps and expected conditions are clearly mentioned. But why write test cases? Well documented test cases are used to thoroughly test the application.

The test description and test steps allow other testers from different teams or new testers to understand the test scenario and execute it on their own. Test Cases, once written are reviewed so that any and all ambiguities are eliminated.

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This ensures all functionalities are properly replicated in tests. Test Cases which fail often help testers find out the modules of the application which are more prone to bugs.

These test cases are used to report issues. Another way of putting it is, test cases help structure test case execution and reduce ad-hoc or monkey testing.

When developers are busy coding, the testing team goes through the application requirement document and create the test cases. These test cases are created using the CRD alone and are not influenced by the understanding of the developers. Such isolation while creating test cases improves the quality of the product.

While creating the test cases, you must make sure that they are easy to read and understand. Once verified the test cases are pushed into one or the other test case management tool so that all members of the testing team can access and execute them.

What are the different components of a test case writing sample template? Now that you are aware of the importance of test cases, you must understand different components of the test case template. Test case templates sometimes are shared by the company so that all test cases of a particular project or across the company adheres to a specific standard.

But in many cases, you can come up with a template of your own. The test case template should be such that it is easy to edit and maintain. Test Case Summary section Test Case Summary As the test cases are mostly curated in spreadsheets or in Excel format, the test case summary is ideally the first sheet of the test case template.

The different sections in the summary section are Company Logo — It is the logo of the company or the project for which you are writing the test cases. The logo is provided to give it a professional feel and sometimes to meet the company policy or standard.

In case of big projects, where different modules are handled by separate QA teams, module name also needs to be specified along with project name.

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Release version — With every release, as new functionalities are added, the existing test cases must also be updated. So, different versions are assigned to different releases.

The release version indicates the test cases that are specific to a particular release. Test Design authors — Depending on the scale of the project the test cases can range from a handful to a few hundred.

In the test case author section, the name of the testers responsible for the test case design is included. Test Case design date — The test case design date tells the date when the current version of the test cases was completed.

Test Executed By and test execution date — As the name suggests, in this field, the name of the testers who executed the test cases are mentioned along with the last execution date.

Different application modules Test Modules After the test summary, we have the different test case modules. These test modules are maintained in different sheets, and all test cases specific to a certain module are listed in that very sheet. For example, all test cases for application login would be maintained in the login module, while all the test cases for personalized dashboard would be logged in a separate dashboard module.

So, when the design phase is completed, all test cases from different application modules should be present in different sheets in the same excel or spreadsheet.

Such a way of grouping test cases helps other fellow testers to easily track test cases. The important components of test cases are: The test case ID must be unique, and should ideally follow a naming convention.

Generally, testers provide meaningful names to the test case ids, so that their purpose can be easily known.Feb 03,  · Writing test cases is one of the most time-consuming activity in agile.

There is a lot of documentation required to maintain throughout the project. Sometimes, documentation is necessary but it is not important for new requirements in testing.

Also read => Sample test case template with examples. For the ease of simplicity and readability of this document, let us write the steps to reproduce, expected and actual behavior of the tests for the login screen in detail below. Note: Add Actual Behavior column at the end of this template.

As a business user, if you can write a use case that describes what a piece of software does or needs to do, you’ll know enough about the “technology” to talk to technologists about software systems. A test case validates one or more system requirements and generates a pass or fail Writing a good test case A good test case should follow two basic aspects, the Contents and the Style.

how to write a test case example

How do you write unit test cases? Ask Question. Example of writing unit test for a method Who should write Unit Tests? 4. Is a unit test using setup code an integration test?

Writing unit test cases are taking time, any advice? 4.

Write test cases for cell phone Using verification method to ensure that correct users get login and deny to others 2 Authorizing access to information is based on user's role and patient limitation 3 At all transfer points ensure that data is encrypted 4 Audit Trail All transactions and all attempts to access data with a proper set of audit trail information are recorded 5 Sanity Testing related to regulatory body Perform sanity testing and verify the encryption of the data is done in particular areas like EPHI Electronic Protected Health Information Performance testing of Healthcare Application Before preparing test scenarios certain requirement of the system should be considered.

Should you unit test order of operations? If so, how? Some people put the test case number in the test case title, to make it easier to sort the test cases for example, however, it’s better to keep ID as a custom field and use the tool’s sorting functions, because it can get pretty difficult to keep the numbering consistent and sequential as the number of test cases .

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