Nightly business report august 12 2015 suspicious0bservers

The basic mechanism is that we are conditioned subtly, through our unconsciously acquired beliefs, to do things that support our idea of self, the Ego. The first release of the product does poorly because the house wifes feel it is too easy and not enough of their own loving energy went into the final result. The Advertising firm suggests keeping everything the same, except for changing the recipe to include 1 egg. The second release of the product was widely successful.

Nightly business report august 12 2015 suspicious0bservers

Although I am a veterinarian by trade and have three science degrees from the University of Saskatchewan. As my peer from New Orleans, Edward T. I now had motive, opportunity and what detectives call propinquity right people, right place, right time.

To understand the electro-magnetic-field-changing god wand known as HAARP and the amazing abilities of the linear particle accelerator and related technology from the particle physics field please read my two blogs posted this second week of April Now consider some excerpts from an online article posted in titled: Investigators have suspected but have been unable to prove indisputably that particle accelerators and particle beams were somehow being utilized in HAARP operations as well, despite absolutely no reference to this whatsoever in any public or internal documents which have ever seen the light of day regarding HAARP.

Before the skeptics out there begin rolling their eyes and muttering about science fiction and questionable tales of aliens, there is in fact solid scientific support for the manifestation of some very unusual effects, conditions and phenomena through the application of HAARP technology; from scientists like Dr.

Sasha Kouskov of the University of Saskatchewan for example, who maintains that by focusing multiple HAARP accelerator transmitters on the same location, extremely esoteric, relativistic effects such as gravity waves and the like can be generated.

Opening channels to other dimensions would be also in this category. END OF EXCERPTS So there you have it,—the globalists have controlled first world universities including our local University of Saskatchewan up here in Canada, for decades along with the brilliant scientific minds that work in research in these publically-funded now corporately-controlled by big funding facilities.

The globalists are working towards establishing a totalitarian one world government along with their one world religion which is the worship of their fallen-angel-god Lucifer, SOON. Even the crows and birds flying in the air lost consciousness during the black out.

So I will finish this blog with more excerpts from the above link. You judge how much trouble we sheople are really in right now. HAARP—the kind angels will never strum. HAARP—the futuristic nightmare project which is currently in operation, researching a wide variety of effects and phenomena, as well as possible uses and applications for such, resulting from beaming massively powerful radio signals into targeted regions of the ionosphere; a project which has given environmental activists, constitutionalists, airline pilots along with ionospheric physicists and other groups, such as normal, ordinary people definite cause for some serious concern.

Contrary to information made public by the operators of HAARP, it is no longer a relatively small, preliminary venture limited to one nevertheless extremely powerful transmitter site in the remote Alaskan back country.

The acknowledged, publicized applications for potential applications of HAARP technology are primarily: To provide a background for some of this information, we go back to early last summer when Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island underwent a significant and far reaching change of directorship, and subsequently a change of direction and focus.

The changes at Brookhaven, one of the first National Laboratories established, received coverage even in the national news media. Brookhaven Labs has been repeatedly named as a major player in other clandestine and generally malignant and malevolent operations on Long Island—such as the Montauk Project and many related activities; among other well-known secrets are the particle accelerators underlying much of the area used in so many covert projects, which undoubtedly also have negative environmental and health consequences.

No public mention has been made of this by Brookhaven, the Navy, nor anyone else. Latest reports show that the Navy has more or less completely taken over administration and operation of HAARP and that the Air Force is no longer involved in any significant capacity.


The photos were altered by adding mountains in the background, to keep going the lie that the HAARP is being operated in Alaska. Preston Nicholsauthor and well-known investigator of covert operations, reported that he knows where this antenna site in the pine barrens is. This fellow was hiking in the area and came upon the heavily fenced and posted site without having encountered any warning signs etc.

An armed guard wearing a featureless black uniform warned him off with threats of deadly force! References here and elsewhere to the whole field of planetary grid power points and such, as in relation to the tetrahedral physics concepts of HoaglandCarl Munck and Bruce Cathie are considered to be solid science.

nightly business report august 12 2015 suspicious0bservers

Changes at Camp Hero Certain other evidence helps to make the emerging picture of what is probably going on more clear: This was the location where Siemens-subsidiary Cardion Corporation tested a very high tech particle beam radar system for at least five months in — all clearly visible from the lighthouse.

A section was completely broken through the thick concrete exposing an underground area. This hole was then subsequently cemented over again by certain authorities. A contingent of people from Montauk were at this location checking out the current situation there after having witnessed the previous conditions just described.

About halfway to that entrance along this road on the left west side is a large boulder which had somehow been moved a bit, and clearly visible underneath was a well-maintained concrete well or entrance with a metal ladder bolted to the side — all in good repair.

Address to our International Leaders . . . DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!!

The boulder hiding this entrance was quite large and would require at least a few people to move it. Further on this road at the base entrance, the extremely sturdy locked gate at this entrance was severely impacted, smashed and basically wrecked — although entry with other than a Humvee or even a tank would not really be possible.

It seems they ran into some opposition in response to the their intention to book into Montauk, and so Navy operatives, probably SEALS, got rough. It seems abundantly clear at this point that these spooks want to hook HAARP up at the Montauk planetary grid power point.

A source who often receives reliable information from individuals in certain ultra top secret intelligence and military agencies recently informed me that HAARP, at this point totally under the control of the Navy, definitely has extensive weather control and mind manipulation operations currently on line.

After having been reactivated—more like exhumed from the grave—inthe operation shifted from Camp Hero around There are some indications that security had become excessively problematical, as the Montauk Project book had been published and curiosity seekers and others were becoming far too prevalent and nosy.A long-lasting double flare and a coronal mass ejection erupted from the Sun over a five-hour period (Feb.

The eruptive plasma was cooler than the surface and denser, causing it This business could also developed into a full time business for anyone really wholly committed.

Larry Hall Littcarr Ky About 10 years ago, once i had a clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, a woman came in asking quickly could do for her what her friends claimed I did for the By Dr. Mercola. Castor oil is a translucent vegetable oil with a yellow tint that is derived from the seeds of the castor plant.

It is an unsaturated omega-9 fat well-known for having a distinctive, nauseating taste. Depending on your age, you may remember being forced to drink castor oil, perhaps to relieve constipation, which some thought was associated with a child’s unpleasant  · August 3, at pm You are speaking of NANO Tesla, where Earth’s field is 31, nano-teslas.

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it is doubtful you’d see nanotesla move a magnetic compass needle. nT is considered a good-sized magnetic storm and will move the compass needle a good amount [depending on where on the Earth you are] The draft legislative package was released late today, and business and other stakeholders will be briefed tomorrow, as a new round of the game of bluff and blame begins over the first item of legislative business when the new Parliament commences in mid Friends: I posted this just a few days ago, and feel at this time that it needs to be shared again.

To me, this is one of those messages that stirs the soul to a higher vibration, and moves us more consciously from ‘this world’ into dimensions from which we originated and where we are

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