Paper tuning a compound bow

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Paper tuning a compound bow

This article is a direct continuation, so please make sure to read the previous parts before you read this one. Bare Shaft Accuracy Testing Now that you have the nocking point installed properly, the right brace height determined, and your arrows centered, we need to take a look at how your arrows are flying and how they hit the target to determine if further tuning is necessary, and if you should get different arrows for optimal performance with your setup.

To do that, you will need a few fletched arrows, as well as few bare shafts — the arrows without the fletchings. The image below demonstrates this in action: If your arrow behaves as shown on the image above, this means that the location of your nocking point needs adjusting.

Here is how to carry out the bare shaft test to solve this issue.

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Now approach the target and take note of where your arrows landed exactly. There are two things to consider: Keep adjusting the height of your nocking point and testing until both your fletched and un-fletched arrows land at exactly the same height on the target.

The goal is to make sure both the fletched arrows and the bare shafts unfletched arrows land at exactly the same horizontal plane.

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Below are images illustrating the above: You simply want both of them to land in the same horizontal plane, as this will mean you have successfully tuned your bow to avoid porpoising.

For both fletched and unfletched arrows to land right next to each other, however, you also need to make sure that they are not fishtailing. Fishtailing Fishtailing is kind of the opposite of porpoising, where rather than the arrow dipping up and down mid-flight, it will turn right and left.

The image below illustrates this pay attention to image caption: Overhead View To diagnose and fix fishtailing, do the following: Approach the target and take a look at where your arrows landed.

If bare shafts hit the target noticeably to the left of the fletched arrows, it means your arrows have a stiff spine. Do one of the following, depending on your options: If your do not have a plunger or a rest assembly, you can address the issue by using heavier arrow points than what you are using.

Paper tuning a compound bow

Say if yours are grain, you can try grain. Try increasing the brace height a little and see if that helps.

If your bare shafts hit the target noticeably to the right of where the fletched arrows impacted, it means your arrows have a weak spine.

Do the reverse of what you did above: Increase the tension on the plunger or move the rest assembly further from the riser so as to re-center your arrows and move the arrow points further away from the string.

If the above is not possible, get slightly lighter arrow tips and see if that helps. I created the images below assuming that you are using a right-handed bow.

Paper tuning a compound bow

The goal at this point is to make sure that your arrows land as close to each other as possible, by making the necessary tuning adjustments and changes as described above. Next we will discuss proper arrow clearance and how to correct common clearance issues.

Head over to Part 4 of our recurve bow tuning guide.In reality, tuning your own bow is something everyone bowhunter can learn to do. Bow Tuning Basics. Sep 1, I have assembled a table that shows the actions you should take for each different kind of paper tear.

If the tear is compound tear, such up and to the left, fix the vertical part of the tear first and then work on the horizontal. Our compound bow packages are very different from the 'kits' or 'outfitter' bows you see in the big-box stores. Come see what a real pro-shop can do. This page contains a numerical NAICS code list Users can view and lookup an index of NAICS codes in numerical order.

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Paper tuning a bow is a critical component of compound bow tuning. Follow our step by step procedure to ensure yourself success. Master a torque free grip.. This is the most important tip of this entire list.

From my experiences, if two people shoot the same bow and are consistently impacting in different spots or experiencing different rips while paper tuning, it’s the grip.

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