Patient centred care essay essay

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Patient centred care essay essay

Patient centred care essay essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It will be written as a rational account, adopting a problem solving approach to her care. She is elderly and has been admitted onto a medical ward in the hospital, following a stroke.

This essay will examine the care that she will receive and focus on the use of assessment tools in practice. Interventions will be put in place directly relating to the assessment feedback and in line with best practice.

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Mrs Briggs is a 70 year old lady who has been admitted following a stroke. She is accompanied by her husband. An holistic approach to nursing care will be carried out and all dimensions of Mrs Briggs careful considered throughout her admission, including all physiological, sociological and psychological aspects.

Holistic nursing is healing the person as a whole, including the body, mind, emotion, spirit and environment, because everything is interconnected Klebanoff and Hess, The problem solving approach applied to her care is the process of clinical reasoning.

Clinical reasoning is a complex thought process that analyses specific information and comes up with possible interventions before deciding on the best course of action Simmons, Mrs Briggs and her husband are apprehensive, and of their 3 children only one lives close by.

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It is important to know that prior to admission Mrs Briggs was independent and had been living with her husband in their own bungalow in a local village. She is a retired manager and was previously enjoying her retirement. The only medical history she has stated is hypertension occurring over the past 10 years of which she is on anti-hypertensive medication for.

She has hypertension and is increasing in age which are the two most important predisposing risk factors for this type of vascular disease Lindley,p. Due to the stroke she has a left sided weakness called hemi paresis, which is paralysis of one side of the body Waugh and Grant,p.

On admission to the hospital ward Mrs Briggs is handed over to the nurse on duty making sure that confidentiality in line with the code of conduct is adhered to Nursing and Midwifery Council, The appropriate paperwork will also be read through in accordance with Confidentiality and Data Protection Department of Health, and The Data Protection Act, The nurse then gathers data relating to Mrs Briggs using a variety of different applicable assessment forms.

Assessment is the first step of the five stage nursing process which consists of detailed phases that are used as a framework for nursing care Nursing Process, These are used to guide nurses to which assessment models could be completed for a patient.

The RLT model of nursing brings theory and practice together clearly, incorporating the complexity of a person as a whole Salvage, This collection and assessment of data can flag up any actual or potential problems.

Care plans are then put in place and are re-evaluated as per guidelines. Even though the use of standard nursing tools is employed, nursing itself must remain holistic and employ person centred care.

Person centred nursing is treating each patient as an individual, respecting their personal beliefs and decisions and building a therapeutic relationship based on trust McCormack and McCance,p. This enables each patient to receive the best possible individual care and also helps to promote evidence based care rather than ritualistic care.

Mrs Briggs is vulnerable and will need restorative care. A vulnerable adult is defined as someone over the age of 18 who is not able to look after themselves or protect themselves from harm and might need help from care services Lord Chancellors Department, Although DOH et al.

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As stated by the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups ActMrs Briggs is a vulnerable adult because she is elderly, needs assistance and has a new disability. Although she is vulnerable and at risk there is nothing to indicate that Mrs Briggs does not have capacity.Introduction: Reflective essay on person centred care.

Modern day Healthcare has increasingly embraced concepts of client-centred practice and empowerment. This essay will engage closely in exploring the case study provided during week one through four.

Patient Centered Care Essay Introduction NIHCM is considered as an American nonprofit organization that aims at improving the quality health care of Americans in general. The foundation engages in research and publications for enhancement of health care. The essay aims at reviewing the patient-centred issue publication of the foundation. This essay aims to describe briefly what is meant by patient-centred care. It will also focus and expand on two key aspects of patient dignity - making choices and confidentiality. Patient-centred care (PCC) is an extensively used model in the current healthcare system (Pelzang ). PCC is. Introduction: Reflective essay on person centred care. Modern day Healthcare has increasingly embraced concepts of client-centred practice and empowerment.

It will deal with various issues such as the difference between type one and type two diabetes, outcomes of poorly managed blood sugar levels, the necessity of pain control during post-operative care for Josie, the implementation of Tanner’s model [ ].

Person Centred Care is a major skills acquired by a healthcare main target is individual traits of character in doing health care provision.


Treat every person as a unique human being disregard his/her age, culture, sex and race. Essay The Importance Of Patient And Family Centered Care of patient and family-centered care has been catapulted to the forefront of the healthcare system due to the demand of high-quality medical care (Schwarzkopf et al, ).

Health care providers should seek and obtain knowledge of their patient’s diverse cultures. In today’s world of diversity, knowledge is a valuable resource.

The more the health care providers know the more they will Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care4 understand. Person centred care is defined by Walton() as offering care that is responsive to the patients’ preferences, needs and values and being respectful, in which patient values guide all clinical decisions.

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