Why did the us become an

We knew that to be a world power we needed to have land beyond our borders that we could control.

Why did the us become an

What are the arguments that anti-imperialists used against pro-imperialists? With imperialism, a country would go out and claim new territories.

This brought more responsibility to the country, as well as more territory that needed defendin…g and developing. Imperialism brought the focus off of the mother country, making it more susceptible to conflicts at home and abroad. To get more power. What led to Germany becoming imperialistic?

Many Germans, especially intellectuals and the military, felt in some sense cheated of the full benefits of the unification of Germany They believed that they were mor…ally, culturally and racially superior to the British and the French and that they were entitled, by right, to a vast empire.

This kind of thinking hardened from the s onwards.

Why did the us become an

Much of this thinking originated in the German universities and then filtered through via the school system and the press to very large sections of the population. It should be added that with variations this kind of thinking was widespread in other countries, such as Britain, but without the sense of grievance so characteristic in Germany.

Some of the more 'forward-looking'? German imperialists saw Germany's imperial future not in Africa or Asia, but mainly in Europe itself. Why did the US become an imperialist power?

People are naturally greedy. If they are weak then they don't try to bully others. But if they become strong, then in time their personality changes …and they start to view empire-building as OK.

Why has America become an imperialistic country? Because we are the only ones big enough and strong enough to save the helpless from the world's bullies.

We are expected to save those who can't save themselves. If we don't w…e are heartless. When we do we are imperialistic. It's hard to save a planet single handedly and make everyone happy at the sametime.During hearings on marijuana law in the ’s, claims were made about marijuana’s ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women.

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This imagery became the backdrop for the Marijuana Tax Act of which effectively banned its use and sales. How did the US become involved in the affairs of the following: Mexico - during the Rev, US got inolved by occupying cruise because it disagreeed with new corrupt goverment that was unfriendly with US.

So why did the United States become involved in the Korean conflict? The decision to intervene in Korea grew out of the tense atmosphere that characterized Cold War politics.

How and why did the US become imperialistic

On the eve of the North Korean invasion, a number of events had made Truman anxious. The United States participated in those events, but the United States did not cause them. The United States was simply the “last man standing” after the 20th century tore apart the powers that had created the modern world during the age of exploration that began in Mar 14,  · Best Answer: The US certainly DID become an Empire (imperialist nation) when it acquired Spain's holdings after the Spanish War ().

They took the Philipine Islands, Guam and the Mariannas Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and so much more! In a separate action, Sanford B. Dole had deposed the Hawaiian queen Status: Resolved. Why did slavery become established as a major labour system in the southern mainland colonies?

Why did the us become an

Social Factors T.H. Breen, ‘A Changing Labor Force and Race Relations in Virginia’, Journal of Social History CHANGE OVER TIME Virginia in the years much unrest, rioting, violence.

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