Write about a challenge youve faced insulation

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Write about a challenge youve faced insulation

Pennsylvania has become the latest state to sue BlueHippo, the Maryland-based finance company that sells older, cheap computers at hugely inflated prices to people with poor or no credit. Rensin, of Ellicott City, Md.

write about a challenge youve faced insulation

In other instances, the company did not provide rebates or gifts that were offered as part of a sale, or failed to pay consumer refunds when promised. The FTC alleged that fewer than one percent of consumers who signed up with BlueHippo received the financed computers for which they applied, and undisclosed conditions to redeem "store credits" were rigged to discourage consumers from using them.

I could go to any store I want for a layaway and pay two times less. Instead, consumers were persuaded to make a series of weekly or bi-weekly payments to BlueHippo, and only after a history of successful payments would the products supposedly be ordered and shipped.

Corbett said that during sales calls, consumers were often asked for bank account information, with BlueHippo making immediate withdrawals from their accounts long before consumers received any written information about the financing terms or other conditions about the purchase.


Additionally, BlueHippo is accused of conducting telemarketing without properly registering in Pennsylvania, operating as a loan broker without registering with the state Department of Banking, violating the Installment Sales Act and failing to register corporations and fictitious business names with the Pennsylvania Department of State.

The alleged scheme was, at the same time, both simple and elaborate. The defendants, using phony company names resembling real companies, and information taken from identity theft victims in the United States, opened more than merchant accounts with companies that process charges to consumers credit and debit card accounts, according to the FTC complaint.

The FTC believes the defendants may have run credit checks on the identity theft victims first, to be sure they were credit worthy. The defendants also cloaked each fake merchant with a virtual office address near a real merchants location, a phone number, a home phone number for the owner, a Web site pretending to sell products, a toll-free number consumers could call, and a real companys tax number found on the Internet.

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Money mules The FTC alleged that with spam e-mail, the defendants recruited at least 14 money mules people in the United States they paid to form 16 dummy corporations, open associated bank accounts to receive the card payments, and transfer the money overseas.

The defendants used debit cards linked to these bank accounts to set up telephone service, virtual addresses, and Web sites that helped deceive the card processors, according to the complaint.

The money mules responded to spam e-mail pretending to seek a U. The FTC has not determined how the defendants obtained the stolen identities or consumers credit and debit account numbers. None of the consumers affected by the scam had contact with any of the defendants. Consumers who called the toll-free numbers that appeared on their bills either found them disconnected or heard recorded messages instructing them to leave a message, but no calls were returned.

The court froze the defendants assets and ordered them to stop operating, pending final resolution of the case. Lit fireworks can cause severe burns or trauma to the face and paws of curious pets.

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